How to Resolve iTunes Error 3194 While Restoring iPad/iPhone

You attempted to restore your iPhone through iTunes, yet an obscure mistake 3194 happened indicating iPhone couldn’t be reestablished. So now how to fix iTunes mistake 3194 while updating iPhone?This post brings you simple fixes to effectively resolve iTunes error 3194.

iTunes Error 3194 is normally seen when you attempt to reestablish or redesign your iPhone or iPad to another iOS. Before proceeding onward to fixes of this mistake let us comprehend the potential purposes behind these technical issues and dependent on that, follow the fixes to determine the issue.


Potential purposes behind iTunes Error 3194 while updating iPad/iPhone

  • Your iTunes can’t speak with Apple product update worker. This could be either because of impeded association, security programming in the framework, or any new section in the host document.
  • The iOS form that you are introducing or moving up to is not, at this point carefully marked by Apple.
  • You utilized an escape utility to adjust your iPhone or iPad gadget. The escape change adjusts the host record and squares Apple workers. This makes issues when you later endeavor to refresh your iOS to the most recent form or reestablish from reinforcement, by giving iTunes error 3194.

How to Fix iTunes Error 3194 for iPhone/iPad

  • Fix 1: Check hosts files
  • Fix 2: Use the right firmware form if restoring manually

Solution 1: Check Hosts Files

For Windows clients

1. Go to C:/Windows/System32/drivers/and so on/and find the document ‘has’


2. Open the document in Notepad with Administrator Rights. Search for the 208.105.171 line at the base


3. Once you discover the line include # initially #

4. If the location line is absent, include the line 208.105.171 in the host document

5. Save the hosts document by tapping on the File menu and select ‘Spare’

6. Connect your iPhone to the PC and update it through iTunes. The iTunes Error 3194 ought to be settled at this point.

For Mac clients

1. In the Finder, select Applications > Utilities

2. Open Terminal

3. Type the order Sudo nano/private/and so on/hosts and press Return

4. Enter the secret word to sign in to your Mac and press Return. The host’s document is shown

5. Look for passage

6. Add the # with space to the start of passage

7. Press Control-O to spare the record

8. Press Return when requests the record name

9. Press Control-X to leave the supervisor

10. Restart your Mac

11. Connect your iPhone to the PC and attempt to refresh or reestablish by means of iTunes

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After you finish your iOS update post fixing error 3194, return to the host’s document and erase line once more. This is essential for your iTunes to refresh regularly later on and don’t create blunders while introducing or refreshing iOS on your iPhone or iPad.

Solutions 2: Fix 2: Use right firmware form if restoring manually

The iTunes Error 3194 can likewise happen due to an inappropriate firmware adaptation. Continuously utilize the suitable gadget explicit firmware documents for your iPhone and iPad, if doing manual updates. Nonetheless, it is ideal to maintain a strategic distance from manual updates and let the iOS gadget update itself through a standard programming update instrument.

Additionally, remember to back up the iPhone or iPad information before refreshing or reestablishing your gadget. This will shield you from any sort of lasting information misfortune circumstance. Else, you should look for rest in the iPhone Data Recovery software by How to Fix. The product is proficient to recuperate photographs, recordings, messages, contacts, or any bit of information from iOS gadgets, iTunes reinforcement, and iCloud reinforcement.


Although on very rare occurrences, still if you are unable to fix the error in these ways, the last alternative you can opt for is a factory reset of your iOS device. But do remember to take a backup of all your data before performing a factory reset.


So now you can effectively resolve iTunes Error 3194 while restoring or updating iPhone either by checking your framework has recorded or utilizing the correct firmware variant.

In spite of the fact that on uncommon events, still on the off chance that you can’t fix the issues in these manners, the last elective you can choose is a manufacturing plant reset of your iOS gadget. Yet, do make sure to take a reinforcement of all your information before playing out a processing plant reset.

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