How to Fix iTunes Could Not Connect iPhone?

iTunes couldn’t connect to the iPhone. The worth is missing’ shows up when iTunes neglects to distinguish your iPhone.

The message can show up in iTunes in various circumstances, for example,

  • When your iPhone is debilitated because of some explanation and you attempt to associate it to iTunes
  • When your iPhone is working fine and you associate it for reinforcement or some other errand
  • When you attempt to reestablish or refresh iPhone utilizing iTunes

The iTunes missing worth message can spring up with any iPhone model, be it iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, or lower renditions.

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Regardless, at whatever point, you are adhered to because of missing worth error, play out the beneath investigating strategies to escape the circumstance.

Step by step instructions to fix – iTunes Could Not Connect to This iPhone

1. Update iTunes
2. Remove all limitations on your iPhone gadget
3. Uninstall and Reinstall iTunes
4. Use Recovery Mode
5. Put iPhone into DFU Mode

Technique 1: Update iTunes

Refreshing applications and gadgets have ended up being the most functional answer for such issues. In this way, start with getting the most recent variant of your iTunes.

Mistake, iTunes Could Not Connect to This iPhone, the worth is missing’ ought to get settled subsequent to refreshing iTunes.

Steps to refresh iTunes

  • Launch the iTunes on your PC
  • Go to Help tab
  • Click Check for Updates in the drop-down
  • iTunes checks for refreshes and introduces them.

Technique 2: Remove limitations on iPhone

Security and Restrictions on your iPhone can likewise prompt ‘esteem is missing’ iPhone issues. Check Limits under Setting on your iPhone and shut down.

Steps to kill limitations on the iPhone:

  • Open Settings > General > Restrictions
  • Enter password
  • Turn off Restriction

Technique 3: Uninstall and Reinstall iTunes

In the case of refreshing didn’t help, have a go at reinstalling iTunes on your PC.
You can do this just on Windows PC. Apple doesn’t permit to uninstall iTunes on Mac machines.

Steps to uninstall iTunes on Windows PC

  • Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features
  • Select iTunes and snap
  • Restart your PC following to updating the iTunes.

Further, uninstall every single other thing identified with iTunes recorded under Programs and Features by utilizing this strategy.

Next, you can reinstall the most recent form of iTunes from the Microsoft Store or download it from the Apple site.

Technique 4: Use Recovery Mode

On the off chance that ‘iTunes couldn’t associate with this iPhone, the worth is missing’ mistake shows up when you interface impaired iPhone, use Recovery Mode to fix it.

Since the iPhone in Recovery Mode deletes the current information on your gadget, guarantee that you have the most recent reinforcement in iCloud or iTunes. You can later reestablish your iPhone information from reinforcement.

Steps to Recovery Mode:

  • Connect your iPhone to PC
  • Open iTunes
  • While your iPhone is associated, power restart it, until the iTunes logo seem (To compel restart to utilize home or potentially volume button contingent upon your iPhone model)


  • In iTunes on your PC, you will get a discourse box with two alternatives – Update or
  • Click Restore

Trust that the procedure will wrap up. Next, reestablish your iPhone from iTunes or iCloud reinforcement.

Technique 5: Put iPhone into DFU Mode

Carrying your iPhone to Device Firmware Update (DFU) Mode can likewise fix mistake ‘iTunes couldn’t interface… esteem is absent.

Like Recovery Mode, it additionally prompts total information misfortune. Along these lines, guarantee that you’ve taken reinforcement in iCloud before getting your telephone to DFU Mode.

The procedure to DFU Mode is practically the same as Recovery Mode. The main contrast is that the screen stays clear in DFU Mode while Recovery Mode shows the ‘Associate with iTunes’ message.

Steps to place your iPhone gadget in DFU mode:

  • Connect your iPhone to your PC
  • Launch iTunes on PC
  • Turn off your iPhone
  • Hold down the reset/power catch and home catch together for around 10 sec,
  • Release the force button
  • Continue to hold the Home catch until you see a message in iTunes – iTunes has distinguished your iPhone in recoup mode. Your iPhone screen turns totally dark. When the iPhone is recognized, use iTunes to reestablish or refresh.

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After you reestablish iPhone with iTunes, exit DFU Mode. At the point when you exit DFU mode, stay associated with iTunes. Hold down the Home and force catches on your iPhone. Press the force button and your gadget reboots as ordinary…


The message ‘iTunes couldn’t associate with this iPhone the worth is missing’ gets particularly irritating on the off chance that it shows up on interfacing an impaired iPhone to the PC. This can prompt loss of photographs, recordings, contacts, messages, call history, and so forth from your iPhone.

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